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TWD Magazine 4th Collection Interview: J.I. Kleinberg — Combination Contributor

“Read the publication; read the guidelines; let your work rest a few weeks before you send it out, then review it, edit, and proof, proof, proof. Keep track of your submissions (where, when, response, etc.); expect rejection and celebrate acceptance; don’t invest too much in your submissions: the next poem you write will be better and you’ll wish you’d waited instead of sending out that other one. If a piece of writing is rejected a number of times, revisit it to see whether it needs editing; it’s possible you just haven’t found the right publication yet.”

TWD Magazine 4th Collection Interview: Carissa Owens — Creative Nonfiction Contributor

“Honestly, I think a lot of first time published authors are under appreciated. I feel like people have tendency to look for the big names in literary magazines and forget to stop and read some newer authors’ work. The big names are big for a reason but the newbies deserve the recognition too.”

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