TWD Magazine 3rd Collection Interview: Nolcha Fox — Fiction Contributor, Pushcart Nominee

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As an extension of The Black Lion Journal’s mission, The Wire’s Dream is a semi-annual magazine that values community, life perspectives, and different worldviews. Contributors were asked to complete a set of mini interview questions with the purpose of sharing with the readers and their fellow submitters a bit about who they are and about their creativity. All questions were the same for each contributor; and each answer given is unique, open, friendly, and candid.

About Creativity

Let’s start by talking about creativity — what does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means taking a risk by trying something new, expanding my imagination and world view, playing, and laughing myself silly.

How and when did you get started doing what you love to do? Who or what is your creative muse?

I started writing as a toddler (on the walls with, well, never mind). My mother was my muse – she always encouraged me to write, and dreamed that I would become a published author.

What is your most memorable creative experience, if any?

I taught myself to crochet right-handed. Pretty good for a leftie. Crocheting is my creative refuge when my brain falls out of my nose from writing.

People approach creativity in such different ways! What about you? What is your creative routine? Do you know of any quirky habits or creative superstitions?

Very simply, I write when I have something to write. When I run out of words or ideas, I do something else. I might not write for days, or I might write all day. I can tell it’s time to write when I have an itch in my fingers, or a character yells “Set me loose!” If I get stuck, I write in my brain (that’s code for puzzling out a solution instead of sleeping at night).

Time, Tips, & Future Goals

How do you make time to do what you love to do?

The problem is not making time to do what I love to do, the problem is the interruptions during the time I’m doing it. The best time for me to write is anytime the dogs are napping, and my husband is asleep or on the computer. The worst time to write is when a dog is on my lap, helping me type. Sometimes I just have to close the door.

What tips can you give novice creatives about getting started on their creative journey and about submitting their work for publication?

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t do what everybody else is doing. Have fun! Build a support group (I belong to a writing group) of people who can critique your work without stabbing you in the heart. Be graceful and grateful when receiving feedback on your work. Remember that being creative and submitting your work require different mindsets (the best time for me to submit is when I don’t feel like writing). There are some great tools on the internet that you can use to search for publications open for submission (I signed up for Submishmash Weekly–available through Submittable [free], The Grinder [free], and Duotrope [paid monthly or yearly subscription]). Never give up doing what you love because of a rejection, just turn around and submit your work elsewhere.

What do you hope to achieve with your creativity? Where would you like to see yourself in about 5 years, professionally and creatively?

My goal is to get all of my short stories published, and use all the yarn in my bin, before I turn 100.

— TWD Magazine 3rd Collection—

About Nolcha

TWD Magazine 3rd Collection Interview: Nolcha Fox — Fiction Contributor, Pushcart Nominee Nolcha Fox worked as a technical writer in the software and finance industries for over two decades. Now retired, Fox writes short stories, poetry, and blogs. Fox has work in Deadlights* Horror Magazine, We Are A Website, and Cadaverous Magazine, and was given honorable mention for adult fiction in the 2017 Wyoming Writer’s contest for the short horror story “Marbles”. Fox is an active member of Wyoming Writers, Inc., and the Writers Ink group in Buffalo, WY where they meet in the local haunted hotel.

You Can Find Nolcha Here


Read Nolcha’s Fiction In TWD Magazine 3rd Collection

“Spaghetti” — p. 109
“The Magician” — p. 138

*Deadlights is permanently closed to submissions.

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