TWD Magazine 3rd Collection Interview: Norman Klein — Fiction Contributor

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As an extension of The Black Lion Journal’s mission, The Wire’s Dream is a semi-annual magazine that values community, life perspectives, and different worldviews. Contributors were asked to complete a set of mini interview questions with the purpose of sharing with the readers and their fellow submitters a bit about who they are and about their creativity. All questions were the same for each contributor; and each answer given is unique, open, friendly, and candid.

About Creativity

Let’s start by talking about creativity — what does creativity mean to you?

It is the act of reaching beyond yourself – in your life and your writing.

How and when did you get started doing what you love to do? Who or what is your creative muse?

I had a high school teacher who told me I was a writer, and then a college professor who taught a creative writing class. The spark was somehow always there but it was Tom Williams and Mark Strand who pushed me and taught me my craft.

What is your most memorable creative experience, if any?

seeing the birth of my daughter

People approach creativity in such different ways! What about you? What is your creative routine? Do you know of any quirky habits or creative superstitions?

It is not a routine. It’s a process that is different for every writer I know. I’m hard- headed about finding time to write, but once I sit down I revise and revise and revise and revise, always risking and loving the act of pushing myself into new territory.

Time, Tips, & Future Goals

How do you make time to do what you love to do?

This is different for every writer. If you have two jobs you may find it impossible to write a novel or even a story. My solution was to write poems.

What tips can you give novice creatives about getting started on their creative journey and about submitting their work for publication?

In almost every city and town there will be writing workshops. If you don’t know where to find one start with a visit to the library and/or the best book store.

What do you hope to achieve with your creativity? Where would you like to see yourself in about 5 years, professionally and creatively?

I’d like to have an agent and two books published – a book of fiction and my picture book for children.

— TWD Magazine 3rd Collection—

About Norman

TWD Magazine 3rd Collection Interview: Norman Klein — Fiction Contributor
Norman Klein has an Iowa MFA and published 12 stories and 15 poems last year. While in Boston he edited and read for Ploughshares then he moved to Chicago for a bit, and is now settled in New Hampshire.

Read Norman’s Fiction In TWD Magazine 3rd Collection

“Cynthia’s Coming” — p. 104

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