TWD Magazine 4th Collection Interview: Amanda Tumminaro — Poetry Contributor

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As an extension of The Black Lion Journal’s mission, The Wire’s Dream is a semi-annual magazine that values community, life perspectives, and different worldviews. Contributors were asked to complete a set of mini interview questions with the purpose of sharing with the readers and their fellow submitters a bit about who they are and about their creativity. All questions were the same for each contributor; and each answer given is unique, open, friendly, and candid.

About The Creative Process

What does creativity mean to you? And what does it mean to be creative?
To me, it just means using your own mind and putting down on paper what you want. That sounds very simple, but in creativity there’s no wrong way to do it – and I think that’s why I do it.

How do you make time for your creativity? Are you an early bird creative or a night owl? Or something in between?
I’m at my most productive time in the evening and at night. I can rarely write anything in the morning!

How much of your personal life and experiences shape who you are as a creative and as a person? Do you find that you draw much content from your experiences or have you worked to keep that separate from what you create?
A lot of my personal life goes in to what I write about, that way I can kind of get it off my shoulders and be free. It’s a type of therapy for me and they do always say “write about what you know”.

About Creative Moments & Inspiration

What is your most memorable creative moment, if any?
I don’t think I have one. I’ve written some fine poems and then I’ve written some garbage. It depends.

Do you cross genres for inspiration? Which ones?
Ex: If you're a fiction writer, do you read and practice poetry? Do you also dabble in art?

Yes. I write fiction and poetry, but I also love to look at art and read fiction. Occasionally I’ll read poetry.

What/who inspires you the most?
I really like Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Betty Smith and Van Gogh.

Are there any contemporary writers/artists that you admire and think should be on everyone’s radar?
(Who do you think has been undervalued?)

I really can’t think of anyone.

Tips For Others, Personal Goals

What tips would you give to those who have never published anything before?
Patience. This is coming from a woman who has no patience at all, but be patient with yourself – rejections are a part of it; you’ll get there.

What goals and/or aspirations do have for your creativity? Where would you like to see your work?
Ultimately I’d like to see my poetry published in several chapbooks and/or full-length books.


About Amanda

Amanda Tumminaro lives in the U.S. She is a poet and short story writer and her work has been featured in The Write Launch, The Radvocate, and Cottonwood, among others. Her first poetry chapbook, “The Flying Onion”, was released through The Paragon Journal in April of 2018.

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