TWD Magazine 4th Collection Interview: Joe Bisicchia — Poetry Contributor

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As an extension of The Black Lion Journal’s mission, The Wire’s Dream is a semi-annual magazine that values community, life perspectives, and different worldviews. Contributors were asked to complete a set of mini interview questions with the purpose of sharing with the readers and their fellow submitters a bit about who they are and about their creativity. All questions were the same for each contributor; and each answer given is unique, open, friendly, and candid.

About The Creative Process

What does creativity mean to you? And what does it mean to be creative?
Creativity is human. Creativity is of the divine. It is interwoven with timelessness. It unites us all with purpose, as if a portal from the present to forever. It centers upon all that we eternally are. To be creative is to be open to that which is immortal within us. Every one of us has this gift, if only open to it. Every single one of us. It is something flowing from within. Deep in the DNA. Intertwined with all that is life, from Creation, somehow connecting us all as one. No one should deny this reality for themselves, or any other. To be fully alive is to be creative. For to be creative, is to live a life with purpose.

How do you make time for your creativity? Are you an early bird creative or a night owl? Or something in between?
When embracing the power of your creativity, one must always know that there is no such thing as time. Time is irrelevant. Creativity happens when it happens, and can appear always, whether in the middle of the night, talking with a friend, mowing the lawn, eating a cookie, taking a loved one to the doctor, using the restroom, walking down the supermarket aisle, the wedding aisle, being yelled at by a driver, hearing the President speak, going to church, you get my drift. It’s like a baby being born. Let it happen. If it doesn’t happen, well, are you opening yourself to see it or hear it, or are you getting in the way? Don’t put up wall! Immerse yourself in life. For those creatively in tune, prepare yourself to welcome it, carry a notebook, jot things down, get up early, stay up late, write a poem’s line in between an at bat at a baseball game. Be ready for it! Poets know too well that sometimes runes are born, and quickly fly from their nest before every being photographed. Sometimes they just are so shy and slippery that way, and they have little regard for time.

How much of your personal life and experiences shape who you are as a creative and as a person? Do you find that you draw much content from your experiences or have you worked to keep that separate from what you create?
When creatively in tune, one is in tune with life. The two are tandem. Notice things. Relate. That’s a writer. That means every pain anywhere, any joy anywhere, all of life combines within the soul of the artist as shared. That commonality at the soul comes forth in the birth of creativity, with a birth to be shared. In the end then, no one is separate.

About Creative Moments & Inspiration

What is your most memorable creative moment, if any?
So many. My childhood inspired much of a yet to be published verse novel. Sharing a moment over any other is difficult, but here’s one: the annual Mummers Parade in Philadelphia. Think of plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, cops, all wearing sequins, makeup, and feathers while playing banjos to bring in the new year. That cultural display of everyday people and art has influenced me in many ways just as a witness, as an audience eye and ear and singing voice on the side of Broad Street. That’s what art does. We are affected, and we participate. And that event plays a significant role in the verse novel which I hope one day may be published.

Do you cross genres for inspiration? Which ones?
Ex: If you're a fiction writer, do you read and practice poetry? Do you also dabble in art?

Love all art. It all intertwines. The simplicity of a symphony to the complexity of a child’s stick figured family. Everything in the world then also becomes art, for the world is blessed with artists. The art expands. The curves of a car. The telephone lines. The turns of a brick face. The ceramic tile of a bathroom. The diner omelet. A haircut. All of it calling out to be noticed. And for the creative, if that creativity is held back in any way, it will only inevitably bloom as if from a hernia. So it’s best when it’s not painful, but a release of purpose as if the very breathing of the artist. So, let Bocelli sing. And let that cabinet maker make a beautiful Lazy Suzie. If looking for inspiration, bless your senses with it all.

What/who inspires you the most?
Everyone. But if I have to pinpoint it, God. I love scripture. For me, it just keeps inspiring.

Are there any contemporary writers/artists that you admire and think should be on everyone’s radar?
(Who do you think has been undervalued?)

Well, Scripture. It is always contemporary.

Tips For Others, Personal Goals

What tips would you give to those who have never published anything before?
Just write. Notice things. Relate. Write. Edit. Submit. Edit. Rewrite. Submit. Edit. Rewrite. Submit. Nothing is perfect. Don’t ever dwell on rejection. Celebrate the joy of writing, by living. And then submit. Submit. Let go, and submit!! Also, keep keen records. I have an elaborate excel document that frankly I don’t know what I’d do without. There is a part of writing and publishing that you honestly feel like your packaging cupcakes. When then come back denied, taste them for freshness. Trust your buds. Make sure they still taste sweet, and they indeed may. And don’t feel bad if they don’t. Sometimes they need some sprinkles, but often they need far less. Sometimes, they need to be put out for the birds. But don’t feel bad if even they reject them. Just bake more.

What goals and/or aspirations do have for your creativity? Where would you like to see your work?
I just hope I am always graced to see the poetry in life. In doing so, if poetry may then come through me to be shared, well, I just want to be an instrument for others to see their lives as poetry. We all interconnect. The seed doesn’t pick the garden it goes to bloom. Hopefully, some poetic gardeners or hungry birds may not mind my variety of flower to contribute to the mix of color.


About Joe

Joe Bisicchia writes of our shared dynamic. An Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry, his works have appeared in numerous publications. His website is

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